Monday, March 19

Imagine all the people...

a beautiful campaign by Pushpin Mehina, check them out on Facebook!

Monday, November 21

No war with Iran

I am quite surprised at the US for putting forward a war with Iran as being the next necessary target. I thought this administration was successfully following the traditional Brzezinski doctrine of destabilization from within throughout the region and at least attempting to look like they aren't involved. But now, even with them admitting they have no evidence of any nuclear program at all they are stating that we need to invade to ensure stability for the west.

I am against Canada supporting the punitive sanctions of the US against Iran, which of course we are doing and will continue to do but I put out my objection to something that again doesn't make sense. Something that Russia is trying to point out.

Tuesday, November 1

Gaddafi's murder - Corbett

Without proof of any of the allegations against Gaddafi the west has managed to overthrow a government with the approval of its population. Now we can not only rebuild the country at their expense but also ensure the privatization of their oil reserves. Good for us, once again.

Tuesday, December 14

Dreaming in Gold

Check out my new book! It's a coffee table book filled with photographs of many beautiful and interesting horses. It contains some information about the horses but also includes information that I've learned about photography while I was shooting them.

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Tuesday, December 7


Help Wikileaks keep governments open!