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ANTI depressants

This post contains part of a press release by Ann Blake-Tracy, PhD, Executive Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness.

After Two Decades of Antidepressants Most Prescribed - WHY??

This past week the CDC released some very shocking news - antidepressants are now officially the most prescribed drugs on the market today.

In 2004 the FDA began to warn the public that they were seeing an 
increase in suicides among youth with the use of antidepressant medications. In 2005 the official warning came from the FDA that antidepressants 
double the rate of suicide for those under age 18. The FDA also warned all users of these drugs at the same time that any
 abrupt change in dose of one of these drugs, whether increasing or
 decreasing the drug, could produce suicide, hostility or psychosis. In December 2006 the warning for increased suicide was extended by the
FDA to anyone under the age of 25.

In August 2007 Dr. Thomas Insel, head of the National Institute of Mental
Health in speaking of new studies being conducted with the use of Ketamine 
(”Special K” is the street name for this sister drug to PCP - Angel Dust) in 
the treatment of depression said that antidepressants produce the same 
effect as Ketamine. The only difference noted was that Ketamine produced 
these effects instantly where antidepressants take a few weeks to produce 
that effect. [For two 
decades I have warned that these antidepressants are much too similar in
action to the hallucinogens PCP and LSD.]

The news came out in January 2008 that the initial studies done on
antidepressants demonstrated that these drugs are of no more benefit than a
 placebo. Why was no one aware of that? Doctors and patients were no aware of
this because the very large majority of the negative studies were never made 
public. Although the benefit of antidepressants is non-existent, these drugs have
 a very long list of serious and very deadly side effects.

We now have medical studies showing that antidepressants:

Are of no more benefit than a sugar pill
Induce LSD flashbacks and LSD like reactions
Keep patients from forming or maintaining meaningful romantic
 relationships and that marriage relationships of 40 + years suddenly end 
with the numbness that comes from these drugs thus destroying many families
 via divorce
Increase chances of breast cancer by 7 times
Produce amazingly high incidents of psychotic breaks leading to an
increase in Bipolar Disorder of over 4000% in one decade!
Double the level of cortisol with one dose (steroid effect)
Produce Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Fybromyalgia - all of which have
skyrocketed in the last two decades that these drugs have become so widely 
Produce mania which includes: wild spending leading to bankruptcy, sexual
compulsions, pyromania leading to arson, another form of mania leads to 
compulsions for alcohol
Produce fatal birth defects from heart malformations and PPH (Primary
Pulminary Hypertension)
Dramatically increase suicide
So strongly affect memory that “amnesia” is listed as a “frequent” side
 effect leaving many patients with severe memory loss and false memories
leading them to falsely accuse others of various abuses
Produce serious weight gain leading to many additional health problems
Reports are that approximately one third of pregnant women are now taking antidepressants as their baby’s brains form in the womb leaving us to ask 
what the end result might be
Produce pedophilia while we now have an epidemic of female school teachers
 seducing male students

WHY are the antidepressants still on the market?

For any scientific material backing up ANY of the above statements please
feel free to contact me.  Ann Blake-Tracy, PhD

Note: the full text article is available at Discover and Recover

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