Wednesday, January 7

The Spirit of Social Media

(Note: As of this posting Daniella's apartment fund is over $12,000. Check out David Armano's blog!)

By Gillian Shaw
01-07-2009 in the Vancouver Sun
Take one blog post + a tweet that was picked and repeated countless times across the Twittersphere.

Add it up and in less than two hours it equaled more than $6,000 US for a single mum escaping an abusive husband with her three young children.

Is it the strength of social media? Does Twitter attract a lot of philanthropists? Or is it simply that social media unleashes the power of community unhindered by geographic boundaries and limitations?

Whatever the reason, when David Armano posted the brief story Tuesday of Romanian immigrant Daniela and her three youngsters, nine-year old Daniela, six-year-old Brandon and Evelyn aged four, he had no idea the reaction would be so swift and so generous. Before the evening was over, Daniela would have the means to find an apartment and start her family's new life.

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