Tuesday, December 15

shame on Canada

The CBC has a great overview of the Kyoto Accord.

Greenpeace states our current government, and specifically Prime Minister Steven Harper, is a "Climate Criminal". They also have a list of MP's who support taking responsibility for our share of the international effort as specified in the Kyoto Accord. All political parties (including the Block) except the current Conservative government support this protocol.

The Sierra Club is also working to support Kyoto. The Sierra Club of Canada believes that our common future depends on making the transition to a low-carbon, energy efficient society. We work to ensure that Canada meets and surpasses its Kyoto goals.

Friends of the Earth Canada filed a lawsuit against the government: The lawsuit is an application for judicial review and alleges that the government’s failure to effectively regulate greenhouse gases is likely to violate the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC, and its Kyoto Protocol. Climate Justice outlines the lawsuit.

From the Climate Action Network:
“The government is lying to Canadians, to negotiators and to the rest of the world,” says Graham Saul from Climate Action Network Canada. Leaked Cabinet documents from Canada’s Environment Minister, Jim Prentice, show that Canada has absolutely no intention of meeting its 2020 target. Instead, the government plans to fry Canadians and the planet by letting oil & gas emissions rise by about another 37% above current levels by 2020.

“The leaked plan proposes to weaken reduction targets for big polluters like the tar sands by a factor of three,” says Dave Martin of Greenpeace. "Canada's previous target was already too weak, this makes it meaningless." Canada's promise of an absolute reduction of 3% below 1990 levels – so often repeated to negotiators here – has been revealed as an outright lie.

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