Monday, April 21

Canadian Arctic sovereignty

I was a supporter of our failed attempt at procuring nuclear submarines last time. How can we lay claim to the Arctic if we can't patrol it? And now our claims are being challenged by the US, Russia and Denmark.

Of course to the US it is a matter of national security, have to prevent another 9/11 you know! Get those terrorists hiding in the Arctic! Humm, well, there may be as many there as in Iraq. Maybe they should just invade and save us all.

So Harper says to "use it or lose it". What about the Inuit who have actually been living there? Maybe they are the real terrorists and we should get rid of them so the good guys can make sure we devastate the Arctic real good with drilling, oil spills, mining, etc.

I'm sure it is the local residents that will receive the benefits of the diamonds, gold, natural gas and oil that is so badly wanted. Oh right, I forgot, it's about ensuring our safety, not money. Silly me.

And those evil Russians, wanting a piece of the pie. Of course Canadians are attempting to keep their Arctic on their purely altruistic values. The resources have nothing to do with it. We won't rape the land, we'll keep it pristine.

And our fight with Denmark over the mile long island? There is nothing there, but the Vikings were. Too bad they still weren't, they would put up a good fight against everyone.


update May 25: Canada makes scientific case for Arctic ownership

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Anonymous said...

We need subs like we need a hole in the head. Sovereignty is going to be totally irrelevant in 20 or 30 years when the effects of global warming leave us with NO arctic and very little arable land. read this to see what at least one prominent scientist thinks.