Wednesday, April 23

Governemnt ineptitude or just policy?

Well, finally there is hope for poor Brenda Martin. Hang in there!! You've made it this far. We don't care about the guilty verdict, it will get you home sooner!

This case (among others!) is also a warning to our citizens, don't expect our government to help you out if you get into trouble in a foreign country even if you are totally innocent.

Did you know that the American who was arrested with Brenda was released and sent home within 24 hours because the US did the paperwork properly? Oh well, just a little screw up, one person in jail doesn't matter to us, keeping good relations with the foreign government is more important than looking after our own citizens.

So now after spending two years in a Mexican jail, there is hope. Since there has been a verdict (guilty, which apparently has devastated Brenda, but don't worry - we know what that's all about. Now everyone is just trying to save face.) Lets just get her back to Canada! Canadian citizens care, even if the government doesn't!!

Join her facebook supporters group and read more about Brenda.

Update May 2:

Welcome Home Brenda!

It's amazing you are in great spirits, seeing as they whisked you off immediately to a maxiLinkmum security prison without even letting your greeters and reporters say hi. Of course the government would like your situation just to be forgotten now that you're home. And they are touting it as the fastest prison transfer in Canadian history? Two years?!!

Good for you for getting through your ordeal Brenda. You're quite the person.

Update May 10:

Brenda Martin released on full parole

Hopefully Brenda can get back into her own life again. Open your own restaurant - I'll go there!

So do you think next time our government will pick the person over foreign relations? Unfortunately I don't think so. They will just get the press to pass along the information that the people were guilty, like the time ... Oh well, that's another story. Just be careful and don't expect the government to bail you out if you get in trouble in another country, no matter how innocent you are. It doesn't matter, it's policy.

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