Friday, April 25

'reparations to the earth'

At UN forum on indigenous issues, Bolivian president calls for global economic overhaul
Bolivian President Evo Morales outlined a plan at the UN on Tuesday to rescue the world from environmental degradation and injustice. Drawing connections between free-market economics, excessive consumption, environmental problems and social injustice, the Bolivian leader urged the world to “put an end to the exploitation of human beings and the pillage of natural resources” by rejecting free-market theory and reallocating the money spent on war to fighting environmental and climate problems.

In another blog post I have read, The Trouble With Spikol: Print Edition, Spikol states that she is voting for Obama because he is black. At first that sounds ludicrous. But upon further reflection I am prone to agree with her.

Who do we vote in now? White male capitalists. So I guess that the hope is that perhaps another race may not have the same cultural background and so would have a different outlook on economics and governance.

However, Obama is a part of the US capitalist society. Should we expect more from him because he is black?

Spikol's logic comes from a quote by Ghandi, “The measure of a country’s greatness should be based on how well it cares for its most vulnerable populations”. And her response:
African-Americans are this country’s most vulnerable citizens. They are more devastatingly and disproportionately affected by poverty, hunger, incarceration, crime and unemployment than any other ethnic group.

And if we follow Spikol's logic, then in Canada we need a native North American as a prime minister, and why don't we make her female.

We do have to do something!!

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