Friday, April 25

Blockade halts food aid to Gaza

Michael Bailey on the Real News:
70,000 Gazans have no drinking water;
UN can't feed 700,000 refugees

The Gaza Strip has fallen eerily silent as day-to-day life grinds to a halt in the face of an Israeli fuel blockade that has forced the UN to halt its food shipments into the territory. Michael Bailey of Oxfam in Jerusalem tells The Real News Network that some 300,000 Gaza residents have drinking water at home for less than five hours per day, every four days, and the UN can no longer get supplies to the 700,000 refugees living in Gaza.

Maybe reconsider fabricating a state based on a biased historical over 2000 years old and preying on the sympathies/strategic interests of British/American powers to supply you with arms, propaganda, and recognition? Maybe come to the realization that religion's probably not the best thing to base politics on? Maybe make a distinction between an arms blockade and a food blockade?

Sounds reasonable to me.

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