Thursday, March 12

Urban chickens

Vancouver city councilors have voted unanimously to allow chickens to be raised in backyards.

I think we should have a chicken coop here at our Vancouver Condo in our green space. Everyone can have fresh eggs in the mornings. And instead of eating our own chickens we can eat the rats that are attracted by them. So then we can help suppress the rodent population and eat quite a gourmet meal every night. (Aren't rats a delicacy somewhere?)

Note: If you don't live here then perhaps you haven't seen rats the size of cats, and probably larger then the chickens we would be raising, so they would definitely provide a family with enough meat for a meal.

Also, while we are on this topic, what about some pigeon pie? And another huge problem would be solved if we could start eating all those resident geese!

So, as you see, we as urbanites in Vancouver are well placed to ride out the recession. No one will be going hungry here!! In fact I think we could solve the world hunger problem with just the Canadian geese!

But the funniest response goes to both the BCSPCA and Vancouver Humane Society who are worried about the quality of life the chickens will have. Yes, some of them definitely will be eaten by eagles, cats, rats, raccoons, coyotes and even the people that they live with. Perhaps they would let our condo prepare a meal for them and the city council as well, we have wonderful ideas to share with all of you.

Actually, like Heather Jarvey, I am not opposed to being able to grow your own food in your yard and I am a big fan of the 100 mile diet. There are more and more yards and guerilla gardens that used to be grass and can now feed the family as they are full of veggies and even fruit. I would also love the animals that are attracted by the chickens, but I'm not sure what the neighbours would think.

Anyways, if you want to learn more about keeping urban chickens:
The City Farmer, Urban Chickens, Back Yard Chickens, and more Urban Chickens!

Just remember: Urban rats and coyotes have rights as well!!
While the council is at it, I think they should allow goats as well, fresh milk!

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